Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Daily Painting Portrait, "Ella at Three" In Progress

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As you can see, this is still on the easel. Today I finished the bottom of her dress, the bottom right side of the chair,and tweaked the shadows under Paddinton. Except for going back to work the background more, I believe I am actually about at the end. I am very pleased with the way the dress turned out. After painting a few hours on it today and not getting it where I quite wanted, I remembered about Ariane Beigneux again...that she had used a palette knife. So I grabbed one and started in with it on the fabric of the dress. I have to thank her for this...never having used one before, I found it to be very helpful and achieved the look I was wanting.

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Eileen Hale said...

Yay, Cheryl! She looks great. I think what you've done on her face really worked; and I LOVE the chair; her dress; and Paddington bear, especially, and her hands & arms holding him. I love the detail of the dress: dotted Swiss, right? And the bit of eyelet lace peeking out. I also especially admire the bit of caning showing, and the chair looks quite solid and beautiful, and I think I'd have guessed at curly maple, or maybe bird's eye, for its wood; it gives me that impression.