Monday, January 14, 2008

Daily Painting Landscape "Hint of Fall"

"Hint of Fall"
Oil on Board

To me, this is so North Carolina. At least where I live...the piedmont part of North Carolina. Lots of beautiful trees. My daughter and I went on a photo hunting junket one day last October and this is one of the scenes I shot. Fall was very late this year and the day was really beautiful as we walked around this lake. Only one tree had begun to undress and change to the blush of fall.....

A lot of fine tuning went on today besides finishing the lake and reeds. The reeds and various plants at the edge of the lake are actually my favorite part of this painting. I toned down the heat....took some yellow out of the grass and focused more on reflections and contrast. Hope you like it. :-)

Click on either picture to view a larger version.

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