Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year ! "Pomegranate in White"

"Pomegranate in White"
Prelim Photo for painting

Ever so gradually I am making my way back from the cursed virus and all of the holiday obligations. Really it has been a slog and I am now excited to face the new year with lots of ideas for paintings. Actually, for those who don't know me, I tend to totally overwhelm myself with too much to do and too many ideas...so the hard part is narrowing things down and locking myself into the studio. Every piece of art I create has a thought process that takes time to work on before I pick up the brush. Some lurk around for months, or even years. Some just jump up and grab me...like this one:
There was a piece of ribbon left from the presents, casually tossed over this ironstone dish holding a beautiful pomegranate which caught my eye as the light came through the dining room window, landing gracefully on the high spots of the ribbon and fruit. I took a picture. Sometimes I work from life and sometimes I work from my photographs. This one will be from the photograph, but I moved the dish, ribbon and pomegranate to my art table for reference as I paint. The trick is going to be keeping the red from bleeding into the white....because reds are so volatile.

Today requires me to help my family celebrate New Year's with a pork and saurkraut feast, a family tradition, so beginning the painting will have to wait until tomorrow. Happy New Year to all! Stay tuned.....

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