Friday, January 25, 2008

Daily Painting, "Mrs. Pearson's House" Work In Progress

"Mrs. Pearson's House"
Acrylic on Board

O.K. this is after several hours and layers of paint to describe the beginning of the trees on the left. Besides all of the other challenges here, Mrs. Pearson has asked me to recreate the big tree in the front yard on the left. Total fiction. No pictures to help. Just asking God to guide me.... or maybe Joyce Kilmer whose quote, "Only God can make a tree," always stays with me when I am trying to paint trees. Definitely not there yet, but still evolving.

Now about the house and landscape. I have to say that this house is, like the lady who owns it, meticulously cared for. My favorite part of the picture, the day I took the photos, was the line of crepe myrtles along the driveway. The light was spectacular coming through the webs of limbs and through the leaves. Only the top of them still had the reddish color left from the summer blooms. It was as if the crepe myrtles were beckoning one to come into the driveway in such a welcoming way.

More on this commission as I go along..

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