Thursday, January 31, 2008

Daily Painting, "Mrs. Pearson's House" In Progress

"Mrs. Pearson's House" In Progress
Acrylic on Board
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Just starting to work in the sky and the trees above and behind the house. The tedious details of the house itself are finished finally. You'd think you could just slap on those window panes, indicate the curtains with a simple brush stroke and, voila, finito! Not. Each mullion must be noted, the downspouts drawn, shadows and light on each tiny inch in various ways painted deftly. Probably another entire day left to go on this. Acrylics are a double edged sword. The good thing about them is that they dry fast. The bad thing about them is that they dry fast. It's a real trick getting them to move the way you want them to... I could not have accomplished the tiniest details here with oils. I suppose someone else might be able to, but not me.
Stay tuned..


Sandy said...'s looking good.


Cheryl A. Pass said...

I'm happy I finished this today, Sandy. Hope you like the final version! :-)
Happy Ground Hog Day!!!