Thursday, November 30, 2006

Daily Painting Still Life, "Grapes & Magnolia"

"Grapes and Magnolia"
Border Design for Licensing
Acrylic on Paper

This is the crossover for the trained illustrator/commercial artist....always trying to put some amount of fine art into the more commercial purpose. With commercial art one is always trying to fit some parameter of speed and space into the art for some other printing application. With fine art, you just do it, without all those other considerations....and then if it works commercially, all the better! In this piece I had all of those parameters in my mind. Now that I have been doing more fine art of late, I find I am happier not thinking of those commercial uses until after the art is finished. Maybe a curse.. because I was in publishing for so long, I look at the fine art pieces and see all of those other applications.

A complicated mind.... putting all of the puzzle pieces together

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