Monday, November 20, 2006

Daily Painting Landscape, "Surprise on the Greenway"

"Surprise on the Greenway"
Acrylic on Canvas
Artist's Collection

This may look a bit was from a memory, rather than reality. Walking on a greenway in Colorado Springs, while visiting my son and his family, there were wild hares running about, in and out of the brush. They were really very adorable. The scenery was gorgeous with wild flowers everywhere and foothills in the background. So, I came back to North Carolina thinking of the bunnies peeking up out of the scrub and flowers, and also thinking of my darling little grand-daughter, Ella. I was imagining how fun for our little baby girl to be surprised by these little animals as she toddled along on the greenway with her parents. Peek-a-Boo, Ella! I think I had my mind in storybook illustrations from the look of it.

I might also mention that I owned a stationery company for several years....I designed, published, and marketed company name was "Wild Hare." Hmmm...there must be a connection there.

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