Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Bit of Confusion

A Photo of Speedo

This elegant fellow is posing to be a subject of a painting, I'm just sure of it. But while I have been thinking about that, I have also been running my brain around blogger help in order to figure out why I have not been able to create links in my blog. To that end...this is a test run to see if Old Mr. Blogger will now let me do it!!

There is a story to go with this, but I will save it until tomorrow since it is now late and I am brain frazzled from the blogger endeavor. Here is the link to a friend and wonderful artist out in California named David R. Darrow. Now I am going to publish this thing and see if it works! Crossed fingers and eyes....

And it did it!!!! Yippee....so...story to follow tomorrow!

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