Thursday, March 20, 2008

Daily Painting, "Easter Egg Radishes" In Progress

"Easter Egg Radishes"
In Progress
Oil on Raymar Linen Panel

In case someone out there is wondering with frustration about fewer blog posts from me this past couple of weeks, there is an explanation. We've had a couple of medical issues requiring surgery around here. The first was my husband's knee surgery last week and he is doing very well. The second was a cyst that has been causing me a lot of discomfort for some time now...and that was removed yesterday, to my great relief. Now that we are on the road to recovery I am feeling I can get back to the easel! Hurray!

Now about the "Easter Egg Radishes." I bought them at the farmer's market early last summer. The darling young farmer's wife who sold them to me actually called them, "Easter Egg Radishes!" I had never heard this name for radishes before, but she said they are named this because they are big and colorful and have sort of an oval shape. When I set up this still life I threw in one of the regular red radishes for balance and some brightness, and I had every intention of painting this last year, but time and duties interfered. Fortunately, I took some pictures of them and now I can relive the excitement I felt when looking at how fun and wonderful they are. I only was able to get started on them today....quite a ways to go....more tomorrow!!

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