Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Freedom and an Interesting Cat

Photo of Speedo

The other day I was doing a myriad of things while my mind was racing away on; what to paint next, weeding the garden, thinking about my son and family who are about to move to Korea for two years, worrying over my husband's recent knee surgery, and preparing for a medical procedure I am about to have tomorrow, among many other things. After coming in from the garden I used a few moments of rest to sit down and look around at other artist's websites, something I often do to stay inspired and connected. This is the mental trail I took.... if you can follow my convoluted thought process.

The painting.... Speedo the rascal adopted cat belongs to my son who is a Major in the US Air Force. Speedo was a feral cat my son rescued about four years ago from the animal shelter in Goldsboro, NC, close to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. Speedo loves freedom and is very vocal about it. My son loves freedom and works every day to secure ours. My son and his family are heading to Korea soon. Speedo is about to embark on this trip to Korea and I am hoping the flight won't be too traumatic for him and that he will like Korean cat food...and can make the adjustment O.K. The trip to Korea is for a very good cause, keeping us secure to enjoy our freedom.

So then, as I was looking around, I came across a blog by another artist, whose work I keep up with, named David R. Darrow. That is the link to his art site. His blog, however, is about various other things he shares with the rest of us. The particular post I found was about Russian immigrants who also love freedom. Their story is compelling and David tells it well. It hit home with me because I think so many people in this country have forgotten what freedom is, don't care about it, and do many things to undermine it. It's an election year and much is at stake, freedom being the most dear. If you are an artist in America, freedom is your ticket. Freedom is the reason any of us can do what we do. Too many freedoms have been lost and more will be lost if you choose to vote for Marxists / socialists/ leftists. And so I hope you will click on this linkLearning from Commies and go read David's account of the Russian immigrants. Remember this story when you are thinking about your vote this year. Please remember that limited government means liberty!

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