Monday, March 31, 2008

Daily Painting, Still Life Sign

"Still Life Sign for Art Guild Fund Raiser"
Acrylic on Foam Board

This is the second and last sign that I am doing for the Art Guild fund raising project. Once again I am borrowing someone's artwork for this, however, this time I don't know who it is. It is a piece I found that I thought would work to illustrate the example of a still life for our sign, but I promise I am not taking credit for the copper pot with the flowers. I only am taking credit for borrowing it for the sign. Hopefully, I am not tramping on anyone's toes by doing this...and I am being up front about it. The point is to catch the eyes of potential guild members and the public who will donate money to the guild.

Because of this sign business and several other family obligations, this is the only thing finished for the past week other than a sketch or two. Hoping to get back to my own work the rest of the week. Thanks for watching!! :-)


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