Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's Show Time!

"Berry Happy Mockingbird

"Morning Visitor"

"A Natural View"
Show dates: March 13 through April 18
Place: The Schiele Museum of Natural History

It's time for the spring guild show this week. I have just been informed that the two pieces I entered have made it into the show. This particular show has a theme...having to do with nature and nothing man made. The show is called "A Natural View" and fittingly it is held at the Schiele Museum of Natural History, which is a place of some fame in its category.

I guess it is pretty obvious why I entered these two paintings. Both of them are of local birds and both of them are scenes I was lucky enough to capture on a spur of a moment. The colors of the painting of the Mockingbird are much prettier in person and I regret I couldn't get a better photo representation of it than what you see here. But, you can see it in real life!! If you find yourself with a little time and want to see some very nice art, please stop by the museum and take a look!


Sandy said...

LOVE your work!! I need to check out your painted dog to see if you have updated.


Anonymous said...
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