Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Daily Painting, "Daffodils"

Oil On Board

I posted the nearly finished version earlier today...and then I promptly went to the easel and finished it more quickly than I thought...soooooo, here it is. Welcome to one little corner of my yard. I have lots and lots of these beauties and every spring they make me very happy!!! This was really challenging due to all of the leaves, but in the end I can say I had fun doing it. I am glad to have put down in paint a record of the beauty I get to see each year!!


Mary Rogers said...

Your daffodils are beautiful! I'm in South Carolina and we have them everywhere too. I love this time of year right before spring when you get the early bloomers and buds on the trees.

Cheryl A. Pass said...

Thanks bunches, Mary! I looked at your blog and couldn't find contact info to mail you. Where in SC are you?
I do admire the daffodils so much. They are so cheerful and push their way through some of the most awful ground to get here.... very intrepid and dependable friends they are!!