Sunday, January 14, 2007

Daily Painting Landscape, "Oreo in the Field"

"Oreo in the Field"
Oil on Canvas

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Driving you crazy with this jump in styles and media? If you think it makes you nuts, you oughta see the inside of my brain. On second thought...

This was the big guy in his domain...our North Carolina trees and sky. This picture of the painting is a little blurry. Sorry. As you may know, this is the third version. One was an 8X10, one was a miniature 5X7, and this one is the whole scene 18X24. You can tell it is the same Oreo as before, same position, etc. I think I'm done with more versions of this particular guy.

For the moment, I am finished with the "Apple project" and looking around for the next subject to paint. Hopefully I will land on something inspiring in the next day or so....the winter landscape here right now is not doing it for me. Guess we'll see....


Linda Blondheim Art Studio said...

This painting is wonderful. Brava!!

Linda Blondheim

Roxanne Steed said...

This really is a nice one! (I'm fond of cows). I struggle with the same dilemna of 'being all over the board', at least with subject matter. I've finally stuck to oils for several years now, but there are times when other media starts calling to me again. Your watercolors are REALLY beautiful - and your oils as well - have a nice similar quality to them - ... I guess I mean they have translucent look to them- clean color like the wc's do. I still think there's a reason we follow the paths that we do -there's a reward, whether monetary or otherwise, and the longer we are at it, our true self does emerge. Happy painting,
Roxanne Steed

Cheryl A. Pass said...

Thanks to you both! :) I think I am figuring it out...that it is mentally exhausting to keep switching back and forth between various media. Each painting project seems to lead me to one or the other, though, so unless I just decide to stay with one or the other I am going to keep wearing myself out.
You're right Roxanne, somehow the true self emerges in these paintings no matter what media is used. That was great of you to remind me of that!