Monday, January 22, 2007

Daily Painting Still Life, "Plate of Cherries

"Plate of Cherries"
Oil on Canvas
Private Collection

(The photo has the edges of the frame included...looks a little crooked and I didn't have the heart to crop it for fear of losing some of the painting. And there is a glare from the light which shows at the top of the painting.)


Yes, it took more than one day to paint this. In fact the cherries were really quite rotten by the time I was finished with it. So sad I couldn't eat them. There is a quote somewhere about painting pears...something about how patient they are, they just sit there and let you paint them without being ruined from the time involved. It's true. Not so with other fruits and flowers. Now you know the secret reason you see so many paintings of pears...and not so many cherries! :)

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