Saturday, February 16, 2008

Daily Painting and Valentines for my Friends

"Doves" Pen and Ink

Happy belated Valentine's Day to you all!

Here is a pen and ink for the collection! Sorry to be late with this. Valentine's week brought us some strange occurrences, some unexpected events, and a bit more than would allow me to spend much time painting. Monday brought a publishing contract for consideration. Tuesday brought my husband a torn ligament and a trade show, and for me, errands with the 'ancient one.' Wednesday brought me a trip to the emergency room with a kidney stone. (Whoa...that was fun....the outcome of that event is pending, if you catch my drift. Ha ha.) Thursday was a bit quiet while mulling over the publishing deal, but then Friday brought double pneumonia to my little grand-daughter Ella (3 yrs), who also entered the hospital through the emergency room. She is there as I write this, so we are all praying for her recovery. So, there went the week. Sometimes life gets in the way of the artistic endeavors. Sigh.....

I'll be working on the still life below ASAP as I can get to it... along with working on that silly kidney stone, so be never know what life will bring you from day to day. :-)

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