Saturday, February 23, 2008

Daily Painting, "Apples & Pewter" In Progress

"Apple's & Pewter"
Oil on Raymar Panel
In Progress

This is all I have time for this evening...
Quick update on a few things:

The publishing contract was not what I would call even a serious offer. I am telling you this because I hope some artist out there who is considering selling their soul and giving away their copyrights for a pittance will pay attention to this and say, "Not just no, but hell no." I am amazed that anyone who is in the print and publishing industry in this day and age would be so greedy and audacious as to ask any artist to relinquish copyrights for any reason. If, you, the artist, are reading this and considering such a ruination of your me and I will set your mind straight. I, having been burned by blood-suckers in the past in other ways, can tell you it's never worth it.

Next, the kidney stone still lurks, but is not killing me so life is good!

Lastly, the husband with the torn ligament is in line for an MRI and probably some surgery, one I can't spell. and the "ancient one" now has a handicapped sticker so don't park there or he'll have to bonk you with his cane!!!

Hoping for more painting time over the weekend... :-)

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