Saturday, February 09, 2008

Daily Painting, "Vested Hare"

"Vested Hare"
AKA "Hare Brained"
Oil on Board

Maybe I should say, Vested in Art, as I am....

This is the most fun thing I have painted lately. He really is sitting there just like this in my studio. The wooden box on his left was a treasure that I picked up at a trade show in Atlanta when I was exhibiting my stationery company. It opens at the top, has that brass edge around the entire box, and has a drawer. It's where I keep my calligraphy pens and is a favorite thing of mine. The rabbit came from a dear friend, also a gift / keepsake due to the stationery company, Wild Hare. And all the while I painted I had happy memories of those times.


A Painting A Day by Diana Marshall said...

I love your painting of the hare - bunny! I can imagine it was fun to paint, I paint a lot of fruit and veg and it's lovely to paint another subject especially one as challenging as this one.

Sandy said...

This is adorable! good job...


Cheryl A. Pass said...

Sandy and Diana.....Thanks to you both. It really was a bunch of fun to paint this guy.
Sometimes you just have to try to think of something different to paint in order to get your "sight" back.
Glad you liked him!