Sunday, February 24, 2008

Daily Painting, "Apples & Pewter"

"Apples & Pewter"
Oil On Raymar Panel

I've been trying out something new with this painting...the painting surface is Raymar linen covered panel. I've seen and read a lot about this company, Raymar. Other artists I have admired have been using their panels as supports. (Such as Jim Wodark, William Wray, and others.) Raymar sponsors a contest with some serious artist judges. They accept entries each month for the rest of the year and the requisite is that you have to paint on their panels to enter. What a great marketing idea! Get all of these artists to buy your panels and then have a contest to see who paints the best on them. Great idea!! This year I thought I'd give it a shot.

Two of the most difficult things for me to paint are metal and fabric. I mentioned the metal issue in a previous post. Today I went after the fabric in the foreground of this painting. It's a kitchen towel I am particularly fond of and the apples looked really great sitting there on it. I will try another photo of this painting tomorrow in the daylight. No signatures allowed for the entries, so that will wait until after I get the best photo of it.


Sandy said...

Beautiful colors...metal looks great.


Cheryl A. Pass said...

Thanks, Sandy...
I really liked the apples and the pewter was more of a backdrop for me in this one. Still, it was challenging. I know you have that spoon you know painting metals! :-)