Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Daily Painting Floral Still Life, "Yellow Vase"


"Yellow Vase"
Oil on Board
Artist's Collection

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One more before I take off to tend to my Dad. Believe it or not, this is a painting that acts as a disguise for our breaker box. You know, those ugly gray metal things that look like some ugly hardware on the wall in some inconvenient spot that is impossible to decorate around. My solution was to have that adorable "Norm Abram" type guy I am married to make a door frame around the breaker box and, voila, we have something gorgeous to look at!! (Another option would be to use a chalk board to put inside the frame and then you have something very useful)

The art tip I wanted to point out here, too, is how some paintings offer so much more than just the original composition. There are paintings within paintings. Lately I have been noticing this more and more. I seem to finish a painting and then notice a particular area that could be a painting on its own. One smaller spot that is simpler usually and that is what I am meaning to show you here with the Detail picture above.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Daily Painting Floral, "Ironstone and Roses"

"Ironstone and Roses"
Licensing Collection

I am actually still working on the commissioned dog portrait, so while I do that I thought I would post this vase of flowers for you. This was a small watercolor from Wild Hare, my card collection. That seems so long ago and when I look at this I am amazed at how far I have come since then. Not that this is bad, but rather that I have been able to expand my range so much more. In the card business everything is geared toward small. I mean really small! It is a relief to not be confined to those parameters now. It was fun, but I am glad to move on into other areas of art.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Preliminary Sketch for Dog Portrait

"Fisher" Prelim Sketch
Graphite Pencil

I have been commissioned to do a portrait of a little rescued dog who was lucky enough to find adoring new owners. Good for him and good for them!!
One of my art instructors told me once that you can't paint unless you can draw. I have lived it and it is really all starts with drawing. So this portrait is beginning with a small drawing and when I get to the painting I will then have the color issues to work out. I'll be working on "dailies" in between my sessions with this little fellow...but if I don't post each day, you'll know what I am working on. :)

Daily Painting Floral, "Daffodil Reclining"

"Daffodil Reclining"
Oil on Linen Panel
Available: $130.00
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Finished! My wrenched back has really slowed me down today, but I pushed myself to get this done. I do so love my daffodils. The man who lived here before me, 23 years ago, planted most of them in large patches across my gardens. They never fail me and have duplicated themselves over the years. Every spring I always say "Thank You!" in my mind to that guy. One version of bliss is this gift.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Daily Painting, "Daffodil Reclining (in progress)

"Daffodil Reclining"
In Progress
Oil on Canvas Panel

Spring may not be here on the calendar, but you can't tell that by the flowers blooming. And the first day out there pulling weeds yesterday I managed to pull a muscle in my back. Ouch. I've been framing for a show and also working on a commission, so the daily posting has been a bit put off this past week. This one is the beginning of a small painting and I will finish it tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Daily Painting Landscape, "Grand Pampas"

"Grand Pampas"
Oil on Masonite Panel
Available from the artist

When my son, Matt, still lived with us as a young man he helped with the yard chores. And every spring in North Carolina we are obliged to cut back the monkey grass and the Pampas grass. You can use the mower to cut down the monkey grass and it just pops back up with lots of new growth. But the Pampas grass is no easy cutting job. One year Matt went outside with the shears in hand to do this chore and after a while he showed up back in the house with a big sigh, covered in sweat, asking me for a bandaid. I asked him what happened. Matt informed me that if the little stuff was "Monkey Grass," then the big stuff that has sharp leaves and is such a pain to cut must be called "Gorilla Grass." So from here on, in our house, Pampas grass is known as "Gorilla Grass." This is what I thought about while painting this...and missing my children. Matt is a Major in the Air Force now and has even bigger "Gorillas" to worry about.

The other thing I want to say about this painting is that I was inspired by another daily painter to choose this subject. Her name is Laura Wambsgans and she paints the most gorgeous landscapes. A while ago she painted her version of the Pampas grass and it was beautiful. I hadn't thought of painting a Pampas grass until I saw hers, so yesterday I went out with my camera and went looking for the right bunch of it. Unfortunately, this time of year the Pampas is not totally fluffed out, but this is the bunch I found and here is my version of Pampas for you.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Daily Painting Furniture Decoration, "Cabinet Detail"

"Robin Detail"
and below: "Squirrel Nutkin Detail"

This is an example of "making your mark" wherever you are. We needed a hanging cabinet. My husband is the adept carpenter with all of the tools...I'm married to the "This Old House" kind of guy and Norm Abrams is our hero!! Lucky me!! Well, the cabinet was made, but it was just a plain wooden hulk and you know the artist here can't have that. So out came the stain, and the paint, and the varnish. I really did have fun with it and it turned out to be just the thing where we needed it. This art is on the panel doors and the tree continues around the cabinet on the sides. I haven't been able to get a really good picture of the total cabinet. (I get a glare from the flash and it just doesn't seem to want to be photogenic.) Anyway, here are some details from it. I really loved the way the wood grain came through in the background. And since you know I live in the middle of Oak trees and, of course, the company of lots of pesky squirrels, this seemed to be the right theme for our house. No comments about nuts, thank you.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Daily Painting Still Life, "Silver and Seashells"

"Silver and Seashells"
Oil on Linen Panel

As long as I was having a moment with the little clam shell, I decided to expand on the subject and try something I have been wanting to do. I have painted silver in acrylic and watercolor before, but have not tried it in oils until now. You tell me...did I get there?
Some time ago someone gave me a candle in this small silver container with the beaded edge. The candle has long ago been used up, but I saved this little piece of silver, knowing I would use it for something someday. I guess today is the day.