Monday, October 29, 2007

Daily Painting Commissioned Dog Portrait, "Noah" In Progress

Detail In Progress

This picture was with the studio lights on. Again the sepia warmth of the incandescent lights.

"Noah" 14X14 In Progress

The full picture here was real light, studio lights off. Cameras do funny things with light and smartly pick up everything.

By the way, I previously referred to a certain slobbery look about Noah and, I have heard through the grapevine that, Noah was a bit insulted by this adjective. He has passed along the information to me that he is a gentleman and never slobbers, so I must apologize for the reference. In defense, I have to clear up what I was thinking when I made the reference. I was looking at "floppy jowls" when I said "slobbery," which, in all honesty, is something I am sure I am getting myself the older I get. Since I don't slobber either, I must extend my apologies to Noah and won't ever mention that again. :-)

I hope you enjoy watching "Noah" emerge. I'll keep you posted. :-)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Daily Painting Commissioned Dog Portrait

"Noah" 14X14

First stage painting.... as far as I got today with Noah. Amazing what difference from just the sketch. More tomorrow...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Daily Painting Commissioned Dog Portrait

"Noah" 14X14

Just the beginning.....I always start with a sketch, drawing being the foundation of any good painting. The canvas is actually white but the incandescent lighting here on a gray cloudy day has made the camera turn it all to a sepia tone. (I think the shadow must be me taking the picture) The square format just seemed perfect for a Boxer, reflecting the solid strong demeanor a Boxer conveys.
Noah is a big slobbery and adorable, lovable White Boxer. This particular pose expressed so much dignity to me. He has quite a personality and is adored by his owners. I love the mark just below his left eye. He's going to be a lot of fun to paint....tricky, but fun!!! :-) Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Daily Painting Botanical, "Crimson Pansy"

"Crimson Pansy"
Oil on Board
Click on picture to enlarge it.

I haven't painted flowers for a couple of months now, being busy with portraits. However, October here is the time to plant Pansies. Bless their hearts, they last all winter and keep a smile on no matter what the weather. Actually, this year we are experiencing a serious drought, so the pansies are a bit of a splurge and I bought fewer this year than usual. This is what they look like in my rock garden. I especially love the crimson ones for their cheerful bright color against the ground.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Daily Painting, "Old Brown"

"Old Brown"
Oil on Gessoed Board

The miniature show is coming up. I'm not sure this scale is quite small enough, but he was on my agenda to paint, so this is the attempt. As some of you know, those who read my blog, this gorgeous creature visited out backyard this past summer. He landed just outside my studio and stayed there for almost twenty minutes while he tried to find his midnight snack. We think Mr. Toad was the mark, but he didn't show up, so Old Brown finally gave up and took to the trees again. We certainly enjoyed his presence. For years we have heard the owls in the trees at night, but have rarely gotten even a glimpse of them. This was quite a reward for us. :-)

Now I'll be looking for the right frame for him and get him ready for the show.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Daily Painting Dog Portrait, "Chipper"

Oil on Canvas Panel
Commissioned by Owner

Finished! And now he will be drying before the final coat of varnish..and then the frame and then, and then, Christmas present for a happy wife!!! I'll post him over on the Painted Dog, too.

There has been a long heavy discourse about the act of Daily Painting and Painting A Day over at the Google Groups....enough to make someone crazy actually. I consider myself among the Daily Painters. To me the term means discipline and refers to those, including myself, who are striving to achieve the highest quality paintings of mostly contemporary realism mixed with some expressionism and impressionism, and mostly of still life with some landscape thrown in for good measure. This discourse has had me wondering if I can count myself into this 'discipline' or 'movement.' The other day I thought I was just going to go away and slit my throat. (artists sometimes do feel that dramatic about their work.) Fortunately, I have decided I am very much a part of this discipline and will continue forward, striving to complete each painting in the spirit of Daily Painting, whether I finish one painting a day or not. I, frankly, don't wish to be drawn into a tug of war over what is and what isn't worthy for a particular movement. My discipline is internal and I love sharing my work with those who watch my blog and collect my paintings.

So enough about that....and onto the next painting. I am really happy about Chipper and hope his owners will enjoy owning this painting!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Daily Painting Dog Portrait, "Chipper"

Detail of Chipper's Face

Chipper is still In Progress....I am still working on him from the shoulders down and will eventually go back over all of the background. As I often do, especially for commissioned pieces, I have quickly put him into a frame just to get an idea of the total look and see if I am happy so far....hoping the client will like to see him framed when finished. I like this frame around him and it may be the one to fit him in the end. He looks like a very important fellow in this gold frame. :) Back to work now......

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Daily Painting Dog Portrait, "Chipper" In Progress

"Chipper" In Progress
Oil on Canvas Panel

I'm starting to think I may have to re-think the Daily Painting nomenclature. I'd rather not, because I love the ideology. (at least what I thought it was) And it has given me impetus to push myself harder and farther. There are those calling themselves Daily Painters who are cranking out quickies....daily.... little ones, some with details or without, some with one object or two or three, some with great skill or not. The paintings I am referring to are little...most are 5X7 or even less. And the ones who are cranking these out and selling them on eBay or from their blogs are getting this done with incredible speed. Most of these paintings are finished in three hours or less. This could be really discouraging to people like me who are painting with everything they've got, yet with life interfering in the most insidious ways.

Speed, as some of you know, is not my strongest suit. Meticulous care is more my domain. I also have other obligations that pull me away from my painting lately in a way that is aggravating the hell out of me, but nonetheless must be done. I would like to paint 8 or 10 hours a day. But that is not going to happen this week. Maybe next week....but we'll see. I do paint almost every day, and when I am not painting I am thinking about painting even though I am doing other things.

Here is Chipper after two sittings, yesterday and today. And I'm not sure I'll get back to him before Sunday. GRRRRR. Can you tell I'm just a little testy about that?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Daily Painting Dog Portrait, "Chipper" In Progress

"Chipper" In Progress
Oil on Canvas Panel

Just getting this guy off the ground today. I sketched him in loosely with a charcoal pencil and then, because his fur is various shades of white and grey, I toned the background with a neutral acrylic. As I worked around his face I decided to get after the background more quickly with the dark oils in order to get a better perception of mid-tones with Chipper's fur. This is so far done with fairly thinned out oils in order to lay in some of the darker tones before I go further. I am wanting to bring in some of the reds and golds in the carpet to liven things up and give him some more contrast. At this point I am always asking myself if I can do justice to the subject...because there is a lot yet to do. Chipper is fun to paint..such a cheerful little guy.