Saturday, June 28, 2008

'Beach Baby Bennett' WIP

"Beach Baby Bennett"
In Progress
Value Study / Underpainting

I was not going to post anymore 'works in progress,' but I decided to post this one because I like the drawing quality and watercolor effect. I am originally trained as a watercolorist, so learning to work with oils has been very challenging for me. I always want to work from light to dark instead of dark to light. The two mediums are so opposite from each other that I must force myself in oils to try to undo all I know and work backwards.

Anyway, this is my grandson, Bennett, at his first outing at the beach. He is one and half yrs. and had no clue what to do with the toys and the sand, but I can see his concentration here as he tries to figure it out. I have another one of his sister, also first experience at that beach, that will be coming along as well.

Friday, June 27, 2008

'Ravishing Red'

"Ravishing Red Radish"
Oil on Gessoed Masonite

Click to enlarge the view.
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Back but not too rested actually...the real R and R will have to come later. But I did have a nice time and it was great to get away for a little bit.

I do think radishes are ravishing...the color is such a splash in a salad! They bite just enough to make your tastebuds tingle. In the right frame, possibly antique gold, this will look ravishing. What is that saying about tickling the earth and it laughs (flowers)...?... but in this case it laughs radishes. This one was in my kitchen waiting to be painted for eternity.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Brief R and R

"Pearson's Beach House"
Acrylic on Board
Commissioned / Sold

This is a repeat of a previous post from over a year ago and not a daily....but....
I am just about collapsed from responsibilities, elderly parent, kids, dogs, house, yard, etc. I am ducking out for only a few days. Not to this beach house, but I am going up to some cooler elevations. This is not nearly long enough to regenerate my energy, but at least it is something of a respite. I'm taking my camera and sketchpad and visiting with a friend at a house with a million dollar it will be bliss.
I'll be posting again toward the end of next week when I can get back and paint some more for you.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

'Ba Da Bings"

"Life is Just a...."
Oil on Gessoed Board

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I'm dedicating this anti-oxident bowl of yummies to my Dad. "The Ancient One" at 90+ yrs.has been struggling lately, fighting off a bad crummy cancer and he deserves a bowl of cherries as much as anyone could right now. I think I'll have some myself!!

The situation has been distracting and my posts are maybe not as frequent because of it...
Plunging onward anyway....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

'Walkway at Stowe Botanical Gardens'

"Walkway at Stowe Botanical Gardens" (Spring 08)
Oil on Gessoed Board

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Right about now I either have great sympathy for George Seurat or I would like to strangle him. Whenever I do this type of landscape that involves lots of different plants and petals and leaves, all I can think of is how he had to have gone completely mad doing this in dots.....dots....and more dots....ugh!! He must have been the forerunner of the computer pixels ...more dots. So while I am painting this kind of scene I am trying to not be George Seurat. As hard as I try to simplify the thing, it still requires a lot of different strokes, colors, little bitty hits with the brush to reflect the light on those beautiful plants.
Anyway, here is what I saw at Stowe Botanical Gardens a while back on a really splendid spring day!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Oil on Gessoed Panel

Click on picture to enlarge the view.

As I look across the room, from where I sit typing away at my computer, this is the scene at the door to my backyard. These are the two studio buddies I love!! Lucy, the Chocolate Cocker Spaniel, actually belongs to my daughter, but when she goes away on trips we get to keep Lucy with us. Bosley, our adorable PBGV, loves having Lucy visit and they hang out together while I work. They are priceless buddies to us and to each other. Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

'Hydrangea in a Bean Pot'

'Hydrangea in a Bean Pot'
Oil on Panel

A recent addition to our flower beds is a variety of Hydrangea that blooms all summer. This is a boon for those of us who love Hydrangeas, but used to only see them once in June and then they were gone. I have three of these lovely plants. I am just hoping they'll survive this hot spell we are having of over 90 degrees every day. This blossom wanted to droop right over the edge of the bean pot, but it made such a lovely shadow below that I decided it would do for this version. I stuck a Hosta leaf over in the right side of the pot for some balance...
Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Pink Pansies"

"Pink Pansies"
Oil on Gessoed Board

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Just now I was thinking this might be a "girl thing." Pink ruffles make me smile and think of my grand-daughter, Ella. My mother used to dress me up in ruffles and by the time I was in junior high I remember telling her to stop it already...I thought I was ready for the black cocktail dress with a slit and spaghetti straps by that time. Now I think of pink ruffles and smile!

This one was done on gessoed board which is fast becoming my favorite substrate on which to paint. My husband is going to be very busy in the wood shop cutting boards for me.... :-)
Thanks for taking a look!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Stowe Botanical Garden Irises

"Iris Times Two"
Oil on Raymar Linen Panel

Click to enlarge the view.

This morning I worked only on the much variation going on here. Shapes and many different blues, violets, purples, deep crimson, all to be offset by the many greens of the foliage surrounding the blossoms....Finished this afternoon. Remember that everyone's computer monitor is color calibrated differently. The rich purples and blues were a difficult combination for photographing this time. I took the picture without any incandescent light, only natural light in my studio to get the best possible representation. The painting looks a bit more purple in real life than the blog is showing me.
There were a lot of sun strikes, transparencies, and shadows happening in this so it was truly difficult to capture all of the nuances. Hopefully I managed to do it without too much confusion.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"White Lily"

"White Lily" Study
Oil on Masonite Panel

Have had precious little time this week to paint. The "Ancient One," otherwise known as my Dad, had a biopsy, lots of family stuff going on with adult children making arrangements for flights and care of a huge dog, on and on. So this was a quick small daily I managed to get done this afternoon.

An artist friend and I spent some time recently at Stowe Botanical Gardens and I took some photos to use for paintings. This is a variety of Lily I found there..not known to me. It had those beautiful little black curly pistols, a red stamen, and gorgeous red buds coming along. I may do a bigger version of this with more in photo has two of the Lilies. White is tough to paint. Sometimes it picks up all of the colors around it, but in this case it stayed pure and blasted with sunlight. It was hard to paint the nuances and get any texture this time. Some of it I just had to exaggerate in order to get the shape of the flower.
On to the next time!!!