Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Daily Painting Still Life, "Black Shoes & Pearls

Prelim Sketch of "Black Shoes and Pearls"

I'm sure you are thrilled to see my shoes...the ones I like to think I'd have more time to wear instead of the summer flip-on types that I am in and out of while.... all day of running around I am composing paintings in my head and taking photos for potential paintings, and buying frames for future paintings, and looking for galleries who might be good for my work, studying John Singer Sargent's portraits of children (explain later), in between housekeeping and taking care of family and friends who are going through a crisis (explain later, and getting ready for a newspaper interview regarding my work....
Anyway, this is all I could show you at the moment. I have been doing prelims for a portrait of our adorable Ella, our grand-daughter. She was kind enough to put up with a modeling session for me last Friday. I have not done a lot of portrait work, so I am channeling John Singer Sargent as much as I can. These shoes are just a warm up to get going again. Meanwhile, we are on vigil for a dear friend who is dying in the hospital.

Wednesday is the interview. The photographer comes Thursday or Friday. So, while there is no such thing as a pristine studio....I will be trying to straighten up and get ready for this chance at some local publicity. It is for the Charlotte Observer. We'll see how this goes?!?! I'd wear these shoes, but they can't be moved now until I finish this painting.

Set Up for Still Life of "Black Shoes and Pearls"

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Daily Painting, "Self-Portrait in Pencil"

"Self-Portrait in Pencil
11X8 1/2
Pencil on Brown Bag Art Paper

I guess it would be more than 27 years ago that I sat down to draw a portrait of Betsy, my daughter, with color pencil on the only thing I had at hand at the time, a piece of paper cut from a grocery bag. I worry that this grocery bag paper will eventually disintegrate and her little portrait will be lost with it. It's little, like she was at the time. And I was practicing drawing anything and everything in the house, the cat, the dog, the backyard, etc.

Anyway, I have been noticing lately that just about every famous artist, living and not, has done a self-portrait. So I decided that if I ever want to be famous I better get busy and do one. I never wanted to do one...am not that fond of staring at myself for hours...and can't imagine why anyone would want this. But I found this great paper at the art store that is actually called "Brown Bag Art Paper" that is acid and lignin free, works with all kinds of media, and, because it reminded me of that grocery bag drawing I did of Betsy so long ago, I had to give it a try. The thing I really love about it is the soft subdued color. It makes a drawing look like it just emerged from ancient history, some tea stained image that survived floods and wars in someone's attic. Which some days is just how I think of myself..stained and battered from time, but some image of my personhood survives it all. So there you are, my self-portrait for ages past and ages hence.

"Betsy at 2 and a half"
Pencil on Grocery Bag Paper

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Framed and Dangerous

"Lori's Vase with Dahlias"
Oil on Gessoed Board
Available from the artist

Sorry to be so long about this...run,run,run,run.....you get the idea. I've been sourcing some frames, studying Van Gogh, taking pictures, thinking of doing a self-portrait, among the millions of other things. My life is beginning to look like an exaggerated joke version of the phrase, "multi-tasking." You don't want to know.....

So here is the framed painting from my last post. This is the dangerous part! I have put this one up on eBay to give you guys a different shot at buying an original painting. I don't know about you, but I have always loved auctions. It's the thrill of it all....the edge of your seat suspense of whether or not you actually can win the thing you are after. My experience is mostly involving antique auctions. I was a single mom for a time and had very limited funds, so I searched out furnishings I thought I could actually afford. I managed to buy an antique double bed for the guest room at one auction. You would have thought I won the Taj Mahal for the ebullient excitement I felt. Which brings me to the "things" we acquire in life. To some people they are just "things." To me they can be evidence of struggles, hard fought and won, spoils of your labor, evidence of survival, treasures to keep and cherish. Some of these "things" have more meaning than others, based on the stories behind them. (The vase in this painting, for instance, is from a young girl whose life has been anything but easy. It means so much to me that she wanted me to have it.)

Back to the run,run,run,run part. I hope you enjoy the thrill of the auction and give this one a shot! This painting could be one of your "hard fought and won" stories for your life.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Daily Painting Floral Still Life, "Lori's Vase with Dahlias

"Lori's Vase with Dahlias"
Oil on Board

Dog days in July. Hot, humid, and the yard is chock full of mosquitoes. I can barely stand to be outside, but I dashed out to cut a few of my Dahlias to paint. Lori, one of my daughter's friends, gave me this beautiful vase one year for Mother's Day. I find it to be the most useful size and it is so pretty that I often grab it to hold my flowers. And, of course, I always think of her when I get it out.

Beside me sits an autographed copy of Doug Marlette's book, "The Bridge." He came here for a signing in 2001, the book having something to do with the history in my town. It's a good read and I have cherished it, mostly because of meeting him and having his note inside my copy. The book signing I attended was really enjoyable. He had several original cartoons for sale as well, though I didn't buy one, now to my regret. The highlight was conversing with him. My impression of him was that he was genuine, warm, very bright, and a very very gifted artist. Heartbreaking is the loss of someone so giving of himself. I can hardly believe it.

So that is my summer afternoon...painting flowers and thinking about the loss of another artist. Not exactly joyful today. Sorrow in the paint. I already can't wait for fall and fresh cool North Carolina air!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wild Hare Off and Running

"Wild Hare Logo"
copyright Cheryl A. Pass

This is my old friend Wild Hare. He is the official logo of my former stationery company and was feeling a bit left out since being stored in a drawer for quite a while. As you can see he likes adventure and loves to run as fast as he can. Well, I have decided to give him a new job so as to make him feel part of things again. I asked him if he would be my symbolic announcement when I have to run off and do other things for just a little while. Of course, since he was really bored in that drawer and wanted to make himself useful, plus having a lot of pent up energy, he agreed to my suggestion. So from now on, Wild Hare, my official announcer, will let you know I have had to run off, but will return "quick as a bunny!!" I do love him to this day and he made me very happy as my Wild Hare logo. I'm glad to see him again!

(Can you tell that I just watched the movie, "Miss Potter," and loved every minute of it? Such an inspiration was Beatrix Potter for me!)

Please, while I am gone for a few days, scroll down and make yourself at home looking at every page of my blog you wish. Especially scroll down just a few inches and find "Fisher" again, the now famous portrait painted for Molly Grantham and her husband Wes Hyland. He's been very popular and I wouldn't want you to miss him!

Stay tuned....thanks!