Friday, January 30, 2009

Lambkin and Mum

"Lambkin and Mum"
Oil on Linen Panel

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I could have called this "Wool Gathering." As I paint, I am also thinking....about what I am painting and what it means to me.
Socialist government policies have been in the business of ruining family farming in America for years. It is a precious thing to capture one small scene of this dying industry and I am praying for a reversal of the mindset of our government which takes from people and produces nothing. Greenways do not, in any way, help the production of food or goods for our country. The Land Conservancy Group, and its friends, are in the business of taking privately owned land and giving it over to the government using your tax dollars to do it. Shame on you if you are participating in this unconstitutional travesty.

I know you will recognize the lamb from a previous post a week or so ago. I did the lamb as a 8X8 study before I began painting this one. I now think that was it made me think through the composition and the contrast between the two subjects.

This piece is designated for "A Natural View," our show at the Schiele Museum of Natural History...unless it is purchased prior to that. I am picturing it above the mantel on a stone fireplace in a family room or on the wall in someone's guest room or bedroom. It has a rustic feel about it and reminds me of the houses in Blowing Rock, NC or in Cashiers, NC, those lovely places in the mountains we go for peace away from the cities. A country pastoral scene. That was the intent...I hope I got there.

(the colors in the painting are more true in the picture without the frame)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Peel Me a Grape

"Peel Me a Grape"
Oil on Canvas Panel

This is a reprise of a piece from some time ago...Still under time constraints..working on bigger pieces for the upcoming Guild show, "A Natural View" in collaboration with the Schiele Museum of Natural History. Entries are due the end of February, so the heat is on.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Acrylic on Canvas Panel

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Dropping back ten yards to punt...I have been so rushed and overwhelmed lately, that I decided to grab the acrylics to push myself to do something quicker. This is a scene I have been wanting to do...mostly because of the tranquility of it...a mood I am really needing right a big big way....

Hope you like it..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stop The EPA From Taxes on Cows

"Holstein Grazing"
Oil on Panel

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Yeah, I know the drill. I am an artist so I'm supposed to be a flaky liberal, an emotional wreck, and on my knees to the environmental zealots who supposedly are going after the "bad" guys to save the planet. But, nooooooo...not me. Not playing that game. Do I love the planet? For crying out loud, what kind of question is that? Am I outraged at pollution? Again, what kind of question is that? Next you'll be asking me, when did I stop beating my dog? Give it up already!

So I bring you this adorable, valuable, wonderful creature....the Holstein! According to Al Gore's army of hypocrites, this is one of the horrible causes of his fictional global warming. The humble cow. Your great new President just appointed one of these zealots to head up the EPA. The plan on the table is to start taxing farmers for each and every head of livestock, including cows, pigs, goats, etc., to offset the "bad" emissions of carbon dioxide from these creatures. As if farmers are not having a bad enough time of it already. As if this money grab is going to make one iota of difference, except to further enhance the big government coffers. If this is news to you, I'm sorry to ruin your day. If you know about it already, please call, email, and write to every politician you know and tell them to STOP THIS NONSENSE!

I recently wrote an article with the truth on this issue, facts and more, that was published locally in our hometown newspaper. If you would like to read the entire article, I am about to publish it later today on my other blog: My Tea Party Chronicle

Like most artists I admire, I am inspired by the wonders of nature. That doesn't mean I ascribe to the idea that we should punish farmers and, in effect, raise the prices on necessary food supplies and continue to erode what is left of our agrarian communities. Did you really vote for this??? Is this what you think is an appropriate response to a false premise and a false prophet?

Back to the easel.... stay tuned!! :-)

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Tea Party

"Queen's Cup"
Oil on Board

My Tea Party Chronicle
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You're Invited! To a new blog I have established...which is just for the sake of getting it all off my chest and, hopefully, enlightening some people.
As if I have any time for another endeavor...but passion counts for something and I am just going to have to type faster if I am going to get it all out there.

I think I may be some kind of artist who doesn't buy into the liberal, big government, global warming, peace mongering, guilt trips, whining and moaning about how bad Americans are, etc. Not only that, but I am becoming so so sick of hearing this nonsense and drivel that I can't stand it. I have no clue if there are other artists out there who, like me, are fed up with the liberals slant on the world. Nevertheless, I have decided to quit the silence and speak up.

Quite possibly I am taking on too much. As some of you know I have a very elderly father who is taking up a great deal of my time, a husband, a dog, an art guild, a house, a son (with family) who is in Korea, a daughter, and a lot of responsibilities. I have recently written and had published an editorial regarding the stupidity of global warming and the war on Carbon Dioxide. I care about our country, the environment, animals, and many other things...

Please click on the link above and you can come along with me as I periodically let it all out!! There are two posts and a link to a very important article by Al Fin on the reason we have an economic crisis.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

'Magnolia Grande Flora'

"The Crown Jewel"
Oil on Panel

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I am lucky enough to have acquired two of the large Southern Magnolia trees with my property. They sit in a very wooded area of the yard, though one of them is on the perimeter of the woods so it gets plenty of sun and air. They are the original kind, not the newer decorative versions. Each summer we have some of the fragrance wafting across the front yard and a few blossoms that we can reach to cut and bring into the house. It's one of those gifts for a girl who grew up in the North but appreciates the Southern climate more than I can say.

If you are interested in purchasing this on the link above and let me know! :-)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

'Winter Berries'

"Winter Berries"
Oil on Panel

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Gloomy grey days of winter here. Actually it feels like an English grey, misty, foggy, rainy, snuggly sort of, "Let's eat scones and drink a lot of tea!" kind of weather we are having lately. It makes you grateful for the good roof over your head, the fireplace, the gas range, the quilts, the dear dog who looks bored....and of course the warm studio and paints. I'm glad for it all. We watch the birds diving in and out of the bushes gathering berries. It's a wonderful life when I get to stay home in my studio on inclement days. Cozy and wonderful.

I found this one to be more abstract than usual. My favorite part is the odd leaf just above the berries to the left of the had a bittersweet color and part of it was eaten away.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Mourning Dove's Nest

"Mourning Dove's Nest"
Oil on Panel

There is a reason for this painting that looks like I am getting a jump on spring when, in fact, it is just the second day of January. Before Christmas I painted a Mourning Dove..."Turtle Dove"...for a nature theme of Christmas. Truth is I love painting nature themes a good bit of the time. There is a Guild show coming up requiring entries by the first of March. This Guild show is one of my favorites. It is held at the Schiele Museum of Natural History and the theme of the show is "A Natural View." None of the art is supposed to have anything man-made depicted. Au to speak. Back to the Mourning Dove...if you will scroll down a few posts you will see her. This painting of the nest is a companion to that. I am thinking I will have them framed in a double mat within one frame. I don't usually do that, but I wanted to celebrate the renewal of life with this idea. Hope I accomplished that. Can spring be far behind???