Friday, August 22, 2008


"Lucy on a Book"
Acrylic on Panel

There she is. I painted this a couple of years ago, but am re-posting this picture because #1. Lucy is the reason I don't have a new painting, and #2. Lucy is at this very moment under the knife! There is a whole long story about Lucy. The short version is that four and a half years ago we found her near death as a puppy on our street,covered in thousands of ticks and starving, we saved her and my daughter took her as her own to keep. Lucy has not been feeling great lately. (I have been keeping her at my house for several weeks..another long story that I can't elaborate upon right now.) A few weeks back she developed an inner ear problem. Luckily that resolved in about four weeks. She seemed to be O.K. though not her peppy old self. Then a couple days ago she started whimpering and moaning and wouldn't eat and, by today she could barely walk at all. I fed her from my hand and finally got her to drink a little....we all, my daughter, her best fellow, my husband and I, met at the vet with Lucy this afternoon. We have an awesome vet!...who sent us right away to a veterinary neurological specialist. (You can just see the dollars flying out the window as fast as dust in the wind...can't you?) Low and behold, our little Lucy had a ruptured disk in her back and needed surgery to fix it. And it will be the tune of a small fortune. How much is a little stray Cocker Spaniel worth? Lots and lots! We love Lucy.

So no new landscape to show you today, and tons of other interference, but it will be coming. I have my ancient Dad to feed Sunday, a dreaded jury summons for Monday, a Dr.'s appt. Tues., a meeting on cookbook illustrations for the Battered Women's Shelter on Wednesday, my own husband and dog and house, and will probably have Lucy recuperating at my house also by Tues. Are we having fun yet???
Ya have to is never boring!!!


Connie said...

Lucy is adorable, and I have a feeling you captured her personality exactly...a lovely painting. Best wishes to Lucy for a good recovery. Connie

Mary Rogers said...

Bless her heart, and yours. Hope she'll be ok. Beautiful painting!

Cheryl Pass said...

Thanks to both of you, Connie and Mary! She is doing her best at the moment. We are working toward getting those back legs working again which could take a couple of months or more. But she is in good spirits, eating and taking her meds. What a trouper!