Saturday, July 03, 2010

Sunflower Nod

"Sunflower Nod"
Oil on Canvas

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Hat tips to Vincent Van Gogh who made everyone love Sunflower paintings. This is also my daughter's favorite flower and she grows them ever summer. They grow tall and heavy and nod over with the weight of the blossoms. (The goldfinches love them...yellow upon yellow.) She has loved the color yellow since she was little. Her bedroom was painted sunflower yellow, too. So painting sunflowers is always somewhat with her in mind.

Have a happy weekend...


Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

I love your sunflower!! Like your daughter they are my favorite flower. I never get tired of seeing them.

Unknown said...

Sunflowers are one of those magical flowers that speak to certain people. My little sister was obsessed with them. One year my mother let us each plant some seeds on the side of the house. I put my little snapdragons in a perfect little row... but my sister put her sunflower seeds in front of them. So of course, we never got to see any snapdragons!
Your painting is gorgeous! Did you give it to your daughter?

Cheryl Pass said...

Thank you Carrie and Katherine.

Katherine...well I guess those sunflowers would definitely over-power the snapdragons! That may qualify as your first experience with "up-staging" I guess!

I did something different with this painting that I haven't done before...I painted on a black ground. I have noticed a couple of artists doing that, so I gave it a try. The effect comes across a bit more was a fun experiment and I think I will do it again. I have another photo of sunflowers I plan on doing with the same technique. It was harder to get the light to come forward, but I think that is because I paint in thinner layers. Starting out as a watercolorist, I tend to work slowly up from the background...and this technique made me think backwards from leaving the light to more deliberate placing of the values and colors. I think it was a good exercise.

As for my cutie pie daughter...I did put this up for sale, but if no one snatches it up, she will possibly get it for Christmas. But as I said...I will do more of sunflowers. So she will not go without.

Carrie, I noticed you are a military wife...and my son is military also. Keep doing your fun art...and those boys will no doubt turn out to be artists or art appreciators for certain!!