Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oscar, Bella, and Odie WIP

Oscar, Bella, and Odie
Oil on Canvas Panel

After I posted this morning I spent the rest of the morning and two hours this afternoon working to get this more finished.  I leaned the frame up there just so I could get an idea of how that will look in the end.  Frames make such a huge difference.  The khaki background was not as hard to mix as I thought it would be. 

I have to say...I've been painstakingly slow with this painting.  I've not painted three dogs in one painting before, plus the format is different from anything I've done before.  I've been very tentative on the whole thing.  I still will tweak the edges of the dogs and add some more red to the one on the right.  But..I am glad to be nearing the finish.  I think it is turning out just as ordered, which is a relief.

An aside to this whole thing is that the person who commissioned this piece is a dear friend from my childhood who grew up with me all through school.  We had not been in touch for years and years, so we are catching up on a whole lifetime of experiences.  She became a culinary arts teacher for her career, another creative creature from our beautiful home town.  She is a very sweet person and commissioned this to give to her daughter for Christmas.  The pressure was on to make this over-the-top wonderful for my friend and her family.  I wish I could see the daughter's face when she opens this up on Christmas morning!

I'll post this one more time when it is dry enough to put into the frame and I have finished tweaking this and that..plus signing it.  Now I am thinking of what the next painting will be...stay tuned!!


Anonymous said...

You have done a really great job and I am sure she will love it!

Dean H. said...

A great success, Cheryl! They show three distinctly different personalities. And that background works fine!
All the trepidations about this painting are conquered and behind you now. Isn't that a great feeling?

Cheryl Pass said...

Dean...This one really did shake my confidence for some reason...so I very much appreciate your feedback. I am glad to move on beyond it!

And WBA (Wax Beach Artist) Thank you so much for that. I do hope they will like it. I think framed and hanging on the wall it will be what they were wanting. Hope so anyway.

Thanks both of you!!